Ten Commandments for New Mamas (from the cat)

( This is posted in honor of my friends Krysty and Rocky and their precious newborn son)

  1. Keep your babies clean. Frequent bathing is a must.
  2. Feed your babies regularly. Warm milk is the best.
  3. Purr loudly when babies are near.
  4. Allow yourself  ‘me’  time now and then, just don’t go too far away.
  5. It’s alright to allow your babies to mew. It strengthens their lungs.
  6. Nap together. Nap often.
  7. Remember that even a cardboard box is a wonderful home when you are all together.
  8. Allow others to hold your babies but only for short periods of time.
  9. Watch your own behavior closely. You are the most influential teacher your babies will ever have.
  10. Turn your babies loose when they are adequately weaned.

3 thoughts on “Ten Commandments for New Mamas (from the cat)

  1. Friday Cat agrees. Wishes she had had more babies to spend time with. She says she was a good mama to her little ones.
    Now she is just old and cranky, but lucky to have her people, who love her very much. xo

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