Goodwill and Grace

 I found really fun leggings today but didn’t have any suitable long tops to cover the lumps that the spandex so skillfully emphasized.

So I went to Goodwill. The lengthy aisles of women’s shirts are sorted by color, not size, so you have to look through them all if color is not the primary consideration. The rows are spaced just far enough apart for a shopping cart. One cart, or one body. Start with this image in your mind.

Then add me. I was only interested in long shirts and the only way to see which ones were long was to bend over and look beneath the rack. So I hunched over and checked out the garments beside me, but I could only see for a short distance because the spacing was so tight. So I walked along quickly, bent over, down the aisle, then rounded the corner and came back up the next aisle. Bent over. Walking quickly. Up one side, down the next. Up. Down. Up. Down.

When I was stopped in my path by a cart, I straightened up and looked at the woman.

There was fear in her eyes.

It hit me then how my behavior might be interpreted as odd. OK, beyond odd. More like frightfully bizarre. If I had strapped a shark fin on my back, it would have made more sense.

So the moral of this tale? Everyone is weird. Not all at the same time, thankfully, but we all have those moments.  And sometimes there is a legitimate reason. So dispense grace in abundance and when it is your moment, pray no one has a camera.

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  1. By Paula Messmer on

    Your mind is so creative. This made me laugh out loud (LOL? I don’t text but I should get with it like everyone else). You gotta get published soon – I can see you have lots of talent hidden inside the nice, weird person you are. (Not really – just fun!)

  2. By Sara Neal on

    I’m going to be seeing you soon… will you have found the long shirt? We love your weirdness!!! xoxo

    1. By bythegallon (Post author) on

      Oh! I forgot that part – found 2, brand new, still with tags shirts, and one was half price!
      Thanks for supporting my weirdness!!!



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