Cold Turkey

parting is such sweet sorrow...

If you’re looking for post Thanksgiving turkey recipes – sorry. This is about the other kind of cold turkey, the one associated with pain, suffering and depravity rather than variations on white bread sandwiches to pack for lunch. This is my last day of drinking coffee.

There are pros and cons for the daily brew. It increases your blood pressure but it reduces your chance of developing Parkinson’s disease. It makes your breath smell bad but you get that needed productivity boost. A 16 oz.-nonfat-double shot-2 pump Pumpkin Spice-hold the whipped cream latte is heavenly on a chilly fall morning but who can drink just one?

I’ve reduced my consumption and even quit at various times in my life, usually associated with January 1rst. But sifting through the research I can’t find any overwhelming factors that convince me I really need to give it up for health reasons, so I get back into the routine. What can I say? I love the stuff.

This time I am giving it up for health reasons – just not my own. Instead of the $40 a month I spend on lattes and home brews I decided to use the funds to sponsor a 5 year old girl in Nicaragua. ( The monthly support will help little Ruth receive health care, nutritional counseling and a Christian education. My lattes will reduce her risk of being caught up in the ever-growing slave trade.

So today I sip my last cup and start prayin’ for God to keep me from acts of violence as I withdraw. I have the Advil ready, and the nap blanket, and a picture of Ruth taped to the coffee pot. If this is my last post, you’ll know my brain ceased all activity. Otherwise I’ll keep you posted…


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  1. By Paula Messmer on

    Oh – you are the best person and you make me feel guilty for drinking coffee. Although I don’t buy lattes often, I still consume about 4 cups of brewed coffee each day. You won’t get any headaches because God is going to honor your love and devotion to other people. You are simply amazing. Love ya girl! Paula


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