Resolving to be Resolute

Where's my dinner???

It’s that time again. 

Time to start. Time to quit. Time to be better, time to do better. Time to laugh more, eat less, save more and quit kicking the dog.

It’s time to forgive ourselves for not meeting all our resolutions from last year. Time to take a priority stock and formulate a new and improved plan.

 Remember the little foil stars you got in school for meeting goals? Those stars motivated me. I am visually oriented in that way. I like to see my progress. When writing a novel I make a chart for my word count that I color in as I go. My To-Do list has little boxes to check off, too. I figure it worked in the first grade, so why not try this strategy again?

To make it work, I’ll make my goals realistic. There are no bikinis in my future. I don’t need to be a size 2. (Although single digit sizing would be fabulous).

 They will also be specific so I can hold myself accountable. This sets me up for some guilt when I fail but a little guilt can be a good thing. It will motivate me to try, try again.

The ideas below are for you to try with me!

  1. GRID LOCKExercise/Weight Loss

Make a table on your computer with columns for each week of the month.  Make the first vertical row a scale from 100 points to zero points in increments of ten.

  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
100 points        
90 points        
80 points        


5 points for each ½ hour of light exercise.

10 points for each ½ hour of moderate exercise

20 points for each 15 minutes of heavy exercise

1 point for each additional exercise (lifting weights, push-ups, etc)

 My goal is to reach 100 points per week, coloring in little boxes as I go. Five hours of moderate intensity exercise meets the goal. That’s good for my heart and realistic time wise. I’ll add in some rewards, too, like new gym shoes at 500 points.


2. POST-IT-PLAN: Starting a new habit.

Use a pad of post-its as a reminder for something you want to do. I have a certain prayer I want to bring before God on a routine basis. I will keep my 100 page pad where I read to remind me. After I pray I’ll tear a sheet off. When the pad is gone I know I will have prayed 100x for this particular need and hopefully it is a habit by then. Try this method to make yourself floss or read the kids a book or go for an evening stroll.


3. STUDY STRATEGY: Bible Reading

 It is possible to read the Bible through in 2012. Really, you can do it. Here are some ideas:

-Try a Read-the-Bible-in-a-Year check sheet – find them on line. Some are in standard order, some in chronological, others mix NT and OT. Some have little boxes beside them to check off…

-There are Bibles with the 1-Year plan marked for you – try a version you’ve never read before.

– Start fresh – read a Bible without highlights and underlining. See the text with new eyes. Used bookstores frequently carry inexpensive paperback versions if cost is an issue. 

 2012 -Here we go…

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  1. By Paula Messmer on

    You are an inspiring friend. I’m intrigued by the chronological Bible reading. Even though I’m 60 now, life presents me with more challenges than ever “time-wise”. It frustrates me, but I don’t ever want to not have enough time for God. He may tell me someday about how I didn’t make enough time for Him and I don’t want that for sure! While here on earth, I want to be His vessel wherever that may be. Now — exercise is a huge challenge for me, but I’m trying to work on it! Keep writing – you are a talent! Love, Paula

  2. By Sara Neal on

    Daughter Rachel: You are a great example of being goal oriented. You drive yourself to the finish line in the speediest possible way. If you have made resolutions, you are the most likely person I know to keep after them. I, too, make one resolution every single year, and there have been many years that I have done it. It is the only resolution I know I’ll keep. I’m not a very good person in that way. My resolution is “to make no resolutions”. That way I know I will reach my goal! I do like to think I’ll keep trying to do a better job of being healthier, or be a better person to those I know, be a better wife and mother. I do talk to God and ask for help with all these things. Here’s hoping that I do accomplish a better life… but I make no promises I won’t be able to keep!!! m-in-l xoxo


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