The Ugly Fish

 Several years ago my husband came home from work with the ornament he won in a white elephant exchange. He was so pleased. He had the highest number so had his pick of all the ornaments. I was collecting stars at the time and was excited to add to my collection. Was is shimmery gold or intricately beaded? Whimsical or exquisite?  Perhaps handmade?

Well, it wasn’t a star at all. It was a fish. And a pinecone. A pinecone fish with oak leaf fins. Oh, and glitter. It was, and continues to be, hideous.

So why does it hang on my tree every year? Because of the giver. Michael wasn’t enamored with the woodsy fish. He chose it over the sweet little angels and pom-pom snowmen because he thought I would like it.

When you know the heart of the giver, it really is the thought that counts. But isn’t it great when you do get the perfect gift? There is one that is perfectly tailored for each and every one of us. Jesus.

He came as one of us, to know us and to show us the nature of God. His death 33 years later wasn’t a tragedy. It was the plan, foretold from the beginning. The gift of the infant Jesus was ultimately the gift of Life. Life with hope, purpose and joy.

So you see, Christmas really IS about gift giving! And the Giver has a pure heart, with only our best in mind. Love came wrapped in swaddling clothes. Love came with your name on the tag.

 As for my fishy friend, I do cherish the little guy, a reminder of the man who chose him especially for me. Beady little eyes and all.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!  (II Cor.9:15)

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  1. By Paula Messmer on

    I think it’s kindof cute. Sweet Michael. However … Jesus truly is the gift and I love the way you explained it. Beautiful writing! Merry Christmas, Paula


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