Spring is Hear

I purchased this artwork from Ella, my neighbor two doors down. She and her friend set up a roadside gallery and how could I resist original art for a quarter?

 I love this piece. Spring is Hear. A spelling error making a perfectly profound statement. I live in Montana, where Winter means

 Windows closed, houses insulated from
Snow falling silently, forming dense blankets over sleeping gardens,
Conversations muffled in the weave of knit scarves.

 But Spring!

Birds chatter, re-acquainting, seeking shelter from the
Rain pelting my rooftop while thunder grumbles at the
Children laughing, splashing, outside my open window.

Spring is Hear!

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  1. By Leslie Payne on

    Hi Rachel,
    I love this! I am always so grateful for my healthy ears that hear so much of creation. I found your site trying to “meet” some of the other semi-finallists for the Genesis contest. Congratulations!!

    Montana is tops on my list of favorite places in the world. Many years ago I spent a summer working at Glacier, and returned many following summers to visit friends and enjoy the Big Sky.I look forward to reading more of your blog.

    Grace & Peace,
    Leslie J. Payne

    1. By Rachel (Post author) on

      Thanks Leslie! Congrats to you too! I adore the name of your blogsite. Ha!! I’ll go check it out. If you make it out this way again, I’d love to meet!

  2. By Deb P on

    Love this Rachel…and the art work too. I think (really!) it should be framed…the message is profound 🙂 No mistake in the spelling, your interpretation is “right on”… now that our ears would be opened to “hear” with the faith of a child.

  3. By Paula Messmer on

    Gotta love kids’ enthusiasm for life, and yes – they love being outside more than adults I think. God-given talents to kids makes me happy whether it’s their science project, art, music, sports, etc. Went to an Arts Festival last week at my granddaughter’s school. I was simply amazed at their abilities even in second grade. Love it. “For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving” 1 Tim. 4:4. The chickadee nesting in our birdhouse was singing to us this morning. Thank you, God, because they lift my spirits with their song. Thanks for sharing this with us, Rachel!

    1. By Rachel on

      Thanks Paula! You and I need to go to the mall when they have all the school art displayed. It’s always a fabulous gallery and I’m usually disappointed items aren’t for sale…


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