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I’m an author living under the big sky of Montana. My books are self-published and provide a means to fund charitable causes here at home and across the globe. Samaritan’s Purse and Answers in Genesis are two of my favorites.

Where you might happen across me:

Anywhere my feet can go. I like to walk, taking my camera along for an adventure. The Oregon coast is a favorite, walking with my husband, sand between my toes and a pocketful of treasure.

In my garden- planting, dividing, weeding, pruning, and just being.

Anywhere that sells concrete, paint, fabric, glue, or second-hand goods. So many projects, so little time.

On the couch beneath a cat, a cup of coffee, notebooks, Bible, or any I-can’t-stop-reading-til-the-last-page tale.

On my knees, seeking grace that never runs dry…

8 thoughts on “About me

  1. Rachel are you/hare you considered putting our books on audio? I would love to be able to send them to my sil who is legally blind. She can only read if the letters are huge and even then must use a magnifying glass. She used to love and now she enjoys audible books. I know she would love your books!

  2. Dear Rachel,
    I have recently completed the third read-through of both “Blood” and “Bones” and I have come to you to demand more. Although I do want the third in this “series” I do not want your writing to end there. I want you to continue through the bible, bringing these times and people to life.
    When people write biblical “fiction” (or, as I like to call the well written books, “theoretical history”) it helps to give a greater understanding of the world thousands of years ago was like. People are still exactly the same, and their actions are motivated with the same intentions people have today. Reading this genre has given me a much greater grasp of the religious-political aspects of life in bible times than I had ever previously even cared to learn. I also love getting to know characters who have trades that were typical of the day. When the bible (and many other ancient books) was written, people knew where “linen” came from; today it comes from JC Penney’s.
    I have always been fascinated with the stories of Genesis. Particularly the Flood story, probably mainly due to my love of animals. In fact, I often use the screen name “Child of Noah” both because everyone alive today is indeed descended from Noah, and because I have a keen bond with the man God chose to collect and tend to all of the animals in the ark.
    Your books are biblically sound and scientifically correct. They serve to strengthen faith, and promote a thirst for knowledge of the bible. I hope that God continues to enable you to write.
    Additionally, I just read about you giving up PSL’s to donate to Ruth. I have to ask how that is going? I have recently chosen to sponsor two children (one in Kenya, one in India) and I am very excited about this.
    May you feel God’s peace,

    • Dawn, Thank you for your kind words, insight, and great encouragement! I’m not sure what will come after book iii in this series. Some days I want to stay with folks from the Bible, then I get ideas for other time periods. I still hope the third Noah one is out for Christmas, then I’ll take a little break, then back at it, whatever ‘it’ may be. The Noah series was burning to get written and so far nothing else is pressing to be in print, but I’m sure one of those ideas lurking in my head will start to take over until I have to type type type.

      I really like how you said you felt my books promote a thirst for Biblical knowledge. I love it when I hear that someone read one then went back and read Genesis again to see how the story fit in. Any time the Bible is read is a good thing!

      I went coffee free for a year after the blog post you mentioned. it was hard and great at the same time. I drink far fewer fancy brews now and lots more tea. I am still sponsoring little Ruth and a boy names Juan Pablo. Isn’t it fun to get a letter?

      Thanks again for taking time to write. It is a blessing to me. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  3. Oh my! Just finished Blood of Adam. What a read! I loved the way you portrayed the characters. And the insights I got into our Heavenly father’s nature! I highlighted the text n page 298 where it talks about Japheth losing first Methuselah, then his son and finally Denah. I pondered how God removed himself, then His Son and eventually His Spirit will be removed. How desolate and desperate we are without Him. Can’t wait to read the next one. Thank you!

    • Thanks for taking time to comment Susie! What a great thought you included. I love how God shows different readers different insights and love when they are shared – you never know what impact a simple comment may have on someone’s life.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. I am working on the third one now – very fun to tie parts of I and II into the story. My characters become my friends because there is some element of me in all of them. Glad you can get to know them too!

      Have a day filled with Blessings!

  4. Hi I loved you book Blood of Adam. Are you writing any more. SO GOOD. And what is more, I reconciled my confusion about God because of this book. I am a believer but had so many questions about my Heavenly Father. Your book really helped me see God in a totally different way. He was always so authoritative in my mind, but i see his love now more than ever. Thank you for writing!

    • Dear Melissa -Thank you for sharing this. Just this morning I was asking God to confirm that writing was where He wants me, that I’m not missing His voice. I forgot all about it – then read your comment. Oh, is my heart singing! That is my prayer and has been since the onset, that my books will point to Him, to Truth, to Hope and Love that can be found in no other person, place or thing. God is HOLY and can’t tolerate sin, but He is LOVE and gave us Jesus, the ark for our salvation if we only get on board. What a wonderful gift to you this Christmas, to see Love, wrapped as baby, for you! And what a wonderful gift to me, to have this confirmation and be reminded anew that God is listening to me. Thank you for writing so I could blessed as well. Merry merry Christmas!!!(And yes, book II will be out in the spring)

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