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 The Generations of Noah trilogy, available on for Kindle and in paperback.

The Flood, Tower of Babel, and burning of Sodom and Gomorrah are historical events presented in fictional form in this trilogy. Noah’s sons and daughters-in-law must choose faith and find the source of HOPE, just as we do today.

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A 60 page book of Short Stories,

First, second and third person POV






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because some secrets refuse to remain hidden…


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  1. Love all your books! Although they can each stand alone, it would be better to read them in sequence. I should have read “Bones of Rebellion” before “Breath of Knowledge.” But I think “Bones of Rebellion” could be considered one of the very first mystery thrillers of mankind.
    Have loved all your books. Are you writing more?

    • Laura, thank you so much for your kind words! I am putting together some short stories for a little book to be released this summer, then on to the next novel. I’d say it will be early 2015 before that one is done and I’m not sure what it will be. I think it will be a mystery though, I am fond of them. I appreciate you interest! Have a wonderful day…

  2. Rachel, I just finished reading both Blood of Adam and Bones of Rebellion, and I loved both of them. You really gave me much to think about in both books. For example I had never considered the fact that Noah’s sons were childless until after the Flood, and all the heartache that must have caused the families. I feel like I know Noah in a whole new way. I can’t wait to read Breath of Knowledge. I am recommending these books to everyone.

    • Thanks Renee! I appreciate the comments and am so glad you enjoyed the books. There are so many questions I have for Noah about how life really was for them – Genesis is way too short a book considereing it covers 1/3 of our history! Book III is in plot stage right now, hopefully it will be out for Christmas. it will be fun to tie all three stories together for the grand finale. Thanks for your support and God bless you abundantly!

  3. I just finished Bones of Rebellion last night! I too enjoyed it as much or maybe even more than Blood of Adam. Both are great books! Yes, I saw the typos but they did not distract me from my enjoyment of the read. You have a way of drawing me into the lives of Noah’s family, such an ancient family and yet I can still relate to Naomi’s fears for her descendants and the time she lives in. I cried with her and Ham as none of us are perfect…we are all sinners, and having raised four children I know how hard it is to see them making their own bad choices. I watch the world today and seem the huge problems that are seemingly too much for man to solve and realize we as a world have fallen away from our faith in God and believe much of this is the result. However I also remember Romans 5:20 “Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound.”—Romans 5:20.

    • What an awesome verse! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Mary. I’m glad you enjoyed Bones. It was a fun one to write and still makes my heart rate speed up in places even though I know what happens! I love mysteries and it certainly showed up in this book even though it didn’t start out that way. I might as well just turn Shem into a Private Detective for book III. Ha!

      Be Blessed!

  4. I am totally enjoying reading your second book, “Bones of Rebellion”, as much or more than your first one. It really makes one think about all the little ways we can justify what isn’t pleasing to God. I really make time to continue reading when I get the chance.

    • Thank you my friend! Feel free to mark typos! I just re-submitted Blood of Adam for Kindle with a bunch of fixes and am sure i missed some still. I hope people look at the 2.99 price and forgive the fact I didn’t hire an editor. I will also do a new and improved paperback at some point. I’ll make sure you get one!
      Thank you for your continuous support. Makes me feel loved…

  5. Fell in love with your Generations of Noah Series. I read Blood of Adam last week and immediately bought Bones of Rebellion. Finished Bones of Rebellion last night! Loving this series. When will “Breath of Knowledge” be released?

    • Thanks so much Michele! I’m still working on the plot, so it won’t be done until the fall or maybe Christmas. I don’t whip them out very fast. Book II didn’t have a big delay because it was already through the first draft when I published Blood of Adam. I am getting faster at it though so I may suprise myself and get it done more quickly. I so appreciate your interest! It is exciting to figure out Erin and Shem’s tale and I’m anxious to start getting it down on paper (uh, computer paper that is).

      Have a blessed day!

  6. OMG!! I just finished reading the kindle version of The Blood of Adam and absolutely loved it! When I saw your website, I had to find out when book 2 will be released. Easter can’t come fast enough for me and praying there won’t be any delays. Great writing and God Bless you abundantly.

    • Thanks for the comment JoAnn! I’m so glad you loved it! It is my first ‘baby’ so of course I want everyone to love it as I do…
      I can’t believe how fast Easter is coming but I think I’m on schedule. I rushed Blood of Adam so I could publish it on my Mother’s birthday -then had all them typos I missed because of it. Hopefully Bones of Rebellion will be on time and with a few less errors!

      God Bless You

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVED your book, Blood of Adam! I finished it in 2 days, which is hard for me as I don’t have a lot of time to read during the day and when I read at night, I’m usually falling asleep after one page. I could NOT put this book down! I’ve always had a hard time being consistent with reading my Bible. I love to read, to get lost in a story, so the little time I found to read, I read fiction. Plus, a lot of times I found it hard to connect with the stories in the Bible; or found it very hard to understand what was being said. And then I discovered Biblical fiction!! I’m hoping that God doesn’t mind this is my way of “getting into” the Bible. I still read the Bible, especially after reading a good Biblical fiction book…I want to compare what the Bible says and the author’s interpretation. I really enjoyed your book! And I learned a lot of new things…like how the world was different before the flood…one land, one people, no rain. I never knew that!!!! My favorite scene is also the arrival of the animals and Noah’s reaction to it. I felt like I was there. It must have been breath-taking and unimaginable! Another scene that gave me pause was when Noah’s family was finally in the ark and God closed the door. Many thoughts raced through my mind…they are safe and God will forever protect them. But also, there is no way the people on the outside can get in…even if they changed their minds. They had many chances, and there were no more chances left. I am very anxious for your next books. I usually wait until all of a series is out before starting on it because it drives me crazy to have to wait! lol I am curious of how your next books will be. I see how they are about Noah’s other two sons and their wives. Will it be a continuation from where Blood of Adam left off, or the same time period but just about different people? Cannot wait to read them either way! Thank you and God for your talent!!!

    • Thanks Lisa!!!
      Book II, Bones of Rebellion, will be out this spring and hopefully without all the typos of Book I. It takes place about a hundred years after the flood, in the plain of Shinar where the people of Noah built a new city. Both of these books take the known history from the Bible and then a whole bunch of my speculation. There are so many aspects of time before the flood we won’t know until we can ask Noah himself, but I enjoy turning his world into a tangible one in story form. I love that you read Bib Fic then read the story again in the Bible. I believe that is essential so we keep the fact and fiction parts straight. I find that as I read the Bible, images from good Bib Fic come into my mind and enhance the reading.

      I loved writing that scene with Noah. He KNEW he wasn’t crazy but there was that moment of seeing with his eyes, seeing the hand of God in action, it must have been an awesome feeling. Just like the finality of that door slamming shut…

      You have totally blesssed my day with your comments. Thanks again and may God bless you today!


  8. I just read the “Blood of Adam” I loved it. I was so ready to read the next in the series.
    But, they are no where to be found. Bones or Rebellion and Breath of Knowledge.
    Where can I get these two books. Thanks

    • Hello Yolanda! Bones is in the works, hopefully complete by the end of January. It will be available on Amazon, too. Breath Of Knowlwedge is still in my head,partially outlined, but is also planned for 2013. Thank you for asking and sorry i can’t send them to you right now. Have a blessed day and thank you for reading my novel!

  9. Loved the book “Blood of Adam.” Interesting to think on how Noah’s world/life might have been esp in light of “just as it was in the days of Noah,” I was soon drawn in to this book and by the time the animals came to the ark, I knelt with Noah and wept at the greatness, the majesty and goodness of God! As the story unfolded about Japheth and Denah, I couldn’t help thinking of my own mistakes in life (not the same but still missing the mark) and I realized anew the wonder of God’s grace! It also helped me to trust Him to take care of my children (grown). God’s grace is a powerful concept and one we often take for granted or do not truly trust. This book opened my eyes to realize and trust the power of His grace in my own life and my children’s lives.

    • Mary, God’s grace is AMAZING, isn’t it? I too knelt with Noah and it is my favorite moment in the book. He knew in his heart the God would save him but at that moment he knew with his eyes! After livng this life, knowing God will save us, one day you and I will see with our eyes, too and WOW! It’s worth our struggles now for what we have waiting. Grace -abundant. Free. Just there for any who will reach out and take hold. Your comments emphasize the reason this story had to be written. Thank you so much for taking time to write. It blesses my soul.

  10. Just finished the Blood of Adam this morning. So thought provoking and inspiring. This is the first time I have read the questions for discussion at the end of a book. I just didn’t want the book to end and had to read every word. The questions and responses were an important part of the book. I loved the whole book, but the part depicting the arrival of the animals made me smile. Thanks you for an amazing book.

    • Dori, what a way to start my day, with your kind message! Thank you! I initially added the discusion at the end to remind readers that life before the flood wasn’t the same as after, not the same climate, not the same traditions, not the same way of life as the days of Abraham. I took full right brain license to make the world for Denah’s day. But the discussion grew from there and I’m glad it did. Like you, i rarely read the discussions. I’m glad to know you found that part beneficial. And the animal scene – what a joy to write! It made me so happy for Noah and I can’t wait to hear him tell it for real one day!
      Blessings to you!

  11. This is the first time I have commented on a book I’ve read. I hope that helps you to understand how much I enjoyed it. It was well written and kept my attention the enitre time, which isn’t always easy. I felt for each of the characters and what they were going through. I begged for Denah to not go there, for Japheth to forgive and be tender, and Jael to love her daughter-in-law. It also brought me to do research in my Bible. Thank you!

    • Thank YOU for taking the time to tell me this, Melinda. I’m smiling right now. I am so glad you enjoyed the story but am thrilled it took you to your Bible. May God just bless your socks off today!

  12. Just obtained an e book copy of your book and read it. Blew me away how much I enjoyed it! I actually felt sad to reach the end and now eagerly await the next book. Hurry LOL!! I will be snatching up a copy the minute it comes out. Recommending this book toxall my reader-friends

    • Susie, thank you for the kind words! I am so passionate about the book of Genesis and am loving the task of putting the images in my head on paper (and e-paper). Bless you!

  13. I really enjoyed your book and the discussion questions were very thought provoking. I can’t wait until the next one…any idea on when it will be out?

    • Thank you! Bones of Rebellion is nearly complete – I hope to have it available by the end of January. thank you so much for reading my first book!

  14. Thoroughly enjoyed this book! I am looking forward to reading the story of Ham and Naomi now. Do you know how long it will be before Book II is released?

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! My goal for Ham and Naomi’s debut is the end of January. I think it will be completed sooner than that but I’m not too quick with all the formatting requirements, so am giving myself a buffer. SO thankful that you left me this message!

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