Truth in the Text Part VIII – Neanderthals in Heaven


Do you envision the grunting, hairy brutes of yester-year dragging their women by the hair past St. Peter and through the pearly gates? Me neither. I never gave cavemen much thought at all until I began a serious look into the book of Genesis.

Who were these ancient people and how do they fit into the historical account of the Bible?

If you’re new to this site, I look at topics from a young earth perspective, meaning I take the Biblical account of creation literally, making the earth 6,000-7,000 years old. For simplicity, I call this the creationist view, as opposed to the evolutionary view which assumes the earth is billions of years old. (For more on this, see my older posts.)

Let’s look at some terminology:

Cavemen: Loose term generally referring to ancient individuals who left evidence of their existence in caves, often viewed as primitive and perhaps sub-human, as an intermediary between ape and human species. Continue reading