Truth in the Text Part X – Noah, Father of the Races?


The US Census form allows us to identify our RACE based on skin color, national origin, or socio-cultural group. Since the 2000 census, essentially any number of self-identifying terms can be added to their list. No longer are we required to be only Caucasoid, Negroid, Mongoloid, or Other.

The hard divisions associated with the term race are softening and the term itself is often replaced with ‘ethnicity’ or ‘people groups’ which is far more than skin color brackets. It allows for differing countries of origin, ancestry, beliefs, languages, and customs.

Biologically there is only one race – the human race of Homo sapiens. The genetic difference between any two people on the earth is roughly 0.2%. This variation explains why I sneeze when the pollen count climbs and you don’t, why I have to keep check on my thyroid but don’t worry so much about diabetes.  Continue reading