Truth in the Text Part II – How Long is a Day?

…and there was evening and there was morning – the first day. (Gen 1:5)

Thy Word is true from the beginning… (Psalms 119:60)

If you read the book of Genesis for the first time, without any bias, you would understand the word ‘day’ to mean a 24 hour time period. There is no indication from the text that the word means a long geologic age or is symbolic in any way. We saw from Part I that ‘day’ is interpreted as times spanning millions of years. Is there a foundation for this?

Let’s take a closer look at the word ‘day’.

The Hebrew (original language of the Old Testament) word for ‘day’ in Genesis Chapter 1 is yowm or yom. It is used over 1400 times in the Old Testament and has several meanings that seem to be generally accepted:

a. the period of daylight as opposed to night
b. a 24 hour time period (the most common use of yom)
c. a period of time of unspecified duration
d. a specific point in time
e. a year Continue reading

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